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0061. [ 2021 planning ]

Last week, I found myself very excited for a very dorky reason.  February 2021 perfectly lines up for a Monday start calendar! A perfect rectangle to track my habits, easy weeks when I'm trying to figure out what the actual date is... For most of 2020 my wall calendar sat on March . Two sandhill cranes suspended in a moment, kind of like us - birds relentlessly coasting the space-time continuum. In August, when I moved said calendar from one apartment wall to an adjacent one, I finally flipped it to the correct month. It felt weird but nice. August , pandemic or no, is always a wonderful month.  September found me stuck again, blame this striking belted kingfisher and a soothing color scheme. In November I switched him   her  out for a chickadee, coincidentally noticing, tiny real live ones were using the shrub outside my studio window as a home.  To my memory, I've never purchased a (new) wall calendar. They seemed too restrictive and not portable - what was the purpose? At

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