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0038. to do (spring)

A little late with this one since we're already a month away from summer! Here in Ithaca we barely have spring - we have really nice days in between cold and rainy days so I kind of forgot about this list. I did not forget to seek out my blooms though - the absolute best spring tradition!

What's your favorite season? I have such a hard time deciding that I've just given up and accepted them all as my favorites. They're each beautiful, wonderful and bring with them specific magic that can only be experienced for that time and I'm grateful. Also, curious - how do people live in places without seasons?? California is gorgeous but I would have a hard time being productive when every day is perfect and the outdoors are calling my name. Here in New York, we're there - as soon as those flowers start to bloom I know I will be spending every possible second outside because how could I not! As such, this list is short. If you need me I'll be out of doors - grateful …

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