0068. to do: winter

If you find yourself in the northern hemisphere - happy winter! On the 29th of December our drive out of town was a wintry wonderland - foggy, snow covered hills, the sweetest snow mounds on pine limbs, frozen slate blue ponds. I was delighted and reminded that I needn't have worried, winter is my friend. Despite the chill and early darkness, the promise of a new year sparks optimism, hope, dreams of real change. It’s my favorite time of year to start fresh. I began a deep clean that I'm still working on but there's the reminder that real progress sometimes feels small and slow. 

I'm working on figuring out my winter layers and even though January was frigid we did have one of those glorious days where an open coat wasn't enough - who knew January could be so sweaty! I can't deny it's been a tough season. Our second attempt at seeing my family was thwarted, car troubles this time. Is me wishing AB was mechanically handy sexist/anti-feminist of me? Of course, I wish I had the skill but I regress...

On that sweaty day on my way to lunch, a giant hose was spraying a house that was getting dusted. A huge rainbow band sprayed at the crumbling wood, the biggest excavator I've ever seen (giant!) facilitating the crumble. The waterfall that gates the campus is a frozen dream. Giant icicles I cant begin to guess how long, growing longer. Icy blankets on the flat rocks. I live for these perfect winter days because prior to that day I was waning. The lack of sun gets to me and I feel so tired this time of year. But a few self-care refills later and I felt revived. Also need to remember my vitamin d, it's all a balancing act...  

(01): surviving and thriving ... they happen together, they interact.
and I think winter is a perfect example of that.

I can't say I'm thriving, but I'm slowly making my way there and surviving is enough for these times, don't you think? Either way I'm excited for a lot of things - what's left of winter, a father daughter trip. There's a constant cover of snow and my walks have remained all the brighter for it. By the way, I'm so glad I saved Insecure for winter. It's funny, it's real, it's timely, I love Issa and all of them. Besides TV catch up time, winter is my preferred season for making, learning, crafting - everything and anything that brings joy. I want to get back to poems and reading. Not jinxing myself with an elaborate list just starting small to see what I build from there. Other things keeping me entertained: 

[ go ]

߂ EH
߂ NH
߂ CR!
߂ solo library date
߂ refuge in a museum

[ make ]

߂ knit
߂ planner
߂ new habits
߂ community
߂ corded hanger (made a tiny fob to test and it's so cute/fun)

[ do ]

߂ bird 
߂ write
߂ walk/hike
߂ plant care
߂ style my home
߂ read. read. read.
߂ build up my strength
߂ listen + lstn (does anybody else remember those urban outfitters' playlists? i'm so vintage?)

[ watch ]

߂ movies 
߂ station eleven (reading it first)
߂ what we do in the shadows s. 3

How are you staying balanced this winter?

PS. I'm so excited to have some plant babies to care for this winter! Making sure I don't kill this lot before getting/propagating sooo many more :)

PPS. Can you believe spring is only a month away?!


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