0069. [ 2.22.22 ]

My thought is 'we're in the early 20s' which is good, only room to keep growing b/c I really hope the best thing about this decade isn't the exciting palindromes. With war in Europe things feel heartbreaking and grim, but remember you will always have agency in your own small corner of the world - ways to help Ukraine here and here.  



It was a rough Monday. My first back from Costa Rica, an indulgent but necessary week-long trip with my dad and sister. It was 20 degrees for days after I arrived and the 70 degree difference felt harsh. To my luck, AB had taken the day off, the sun was shining and the temp rose fast. I shed some tears, let go of my ____ (grief, sadness, anger, etc), finished an episode in bed and the tiniest thing - I put on an outfit I love. Baggy spring green linen overalls found at a goodwill in Ohio. The effect was immediate, my steps 50% lighter, could I literally feel the pep in my step?

I cant believe I'm approaching post 70 and have barely written about style. At times it feels gratuitous until I remember how much it can affect your self-image/esteem. I'm sure when I started this I was expecting a lot more by now (in many different ways), but there was so much I hadn't factored in and that's where expectations can sometimes be problematic - a hinderance to mental health? At this moment in time where I feel unmoored, everything feels unknown and a terrifying war is unfolding, I've let go of expectations and feel free, resigned but in a positive way. The overwhelming feelings ebbing away with the cold temps and light gain, coming back with the news updates, receding with self-care, on and on and on.  

I'm still unpacking and spent a very frustrating morning VAing for my dad w/an unreachable government office but thank goodness for small things: music and extra long charger cords. I don't know if I've ever read these lyrics until today but here's a feel good winter song that I've loved for years. It was one of the best concerts I've attended and on this Twosday I have two questions for you: 

1) What's one of the best concerts you've been to? The full brass band at St. Vincent and David Byrne was incredible, top 5 for sure :) 

2) What small things are you grateful for? Music, waterfalls, comfort clothes, etc, etc 

I'd love to know your answers and hope that wherever you find yourself these last days of February treat you okay. 

PS. That icicle grew even longer! ( eff you capitalism. love, nature. jan 2022 )


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