0064. to do: fall

The leaves outside my kitchen window are the brightest yellow, kind of like these but with a hint of peach when the sun shines its elusive face. Last week I watched them quickly dwindle by quarters, a paltry eighth still remains and I'm grateful. On Friday my bladder woke me up at 4 am and we popped outside to check out the lunar eclipse - magic! Apparently lunar eclipses are known for their energy of release and surrender? I'm all for it. I'm letting go of the past year, the stress, all that's been weighing me down. I find myself happy in the moment and enjoying this season oh so much, while simultaneously missing the warmth of September and excited about October even though November is 3/4 through... my brain and I are all over the place. Sometimes letting go looks like this (2nd slide)?  

Time is ostensibly flying and the best way to slow down and enjoy it is with my lists. A brand new one for another fall, my forever favorite. Eclipse aside, there is something so renewing about this season. Maybe it's another year around the sun, maybe it's the rainbow of colors all around. It's a general feeling more than something I can pinpoint and it invigorates me into action. I turned 33 this season and as you may or may not know I have a thing for numbers. 33 seems like a good one! I'll be checking in on these (lots to go) and working on what I can most simply define as growing. This list is shorter than previous iterations and there's a reason for that. Making a concerted effort to not stretch myself too thin and focus on the big picture - my wellbeing. Can't give my best when I'm not feeling my best. 

do ]

߂ rest
߂ hike 
߂ journal
߂ read outside
߂ go kayaking
߂ healthy habits
߂ walk everyday 
߂ write. write. write. 
߂ re-home babies (my plants)
߂ yoga (will this be the year? :)

[ vip ]

߂ new glasses!
߂ plan holidays
߂ find a therapist? 
߂ new volunteer position 
߂ revamp studio / make a sewing corner
߂ improve home (inspo via the prettiest yet wildly different spaces
߂ launch the dang shop already: @tiendatrashpanda (easy step done. yes!)

[ watch ]

߂ dune
߂ foundation
߂ love life s. 2
߂ ABC movie list (coming soon)
߂ insecure (so sad it's the last season)
߂ what we do in the shadows s. 3 (yes!)

[ make ]

߂ ink
߂ balm
߂ new recipes
߂ resume knitting
߂ try turmeric dye 
߂ calendarsplanners
߂ not typically a gingham person but this is giving me sewing inspo

[ go ]

߂ MA 
߂ EH
߂ BK
߂ Cuenca
߂ a museum 
߂ a library event
߂ tour de fall(s): yay for waterfalls and foliage <3
[ g-d I've missed everything / one in this section! ]


Happy fall! What's on your list?

PS. Get ready for all the fall posts: recipes / style / making. So excited to be back at it. 


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