0054. [ 2020 ]

Hello! It's been a hot minute, but despite this absence I've been writing lots.

Sometimes I don't consider journaling 'writing' and that's so ridiculous because it's the absolute best kind. It's just for me so I never need to edit or wonder if something sounds weird. I'm able to free flow my little brain out and always learn something new in the process - something that was hidden in the array of thoughts, ideas, reminders, philosophizing, meltdowns?

Anyways, happy new year! 2020. Could it look more futuristic?? And yet how far from the idealistic future that I imagined as a child we find ourselves...

A maniac is our president, Australia is burning, and human beings continue to propagate age-old divides. Of course there is light amongst this and the reminder to do what I can from where I find myself feels ever more important.

It is precisely why I took the time to regroup. I backed up and went through my archives. I resisted the urge to make page-long to do lists. I went home to be with my family. I went on many walks with people and pups I love. I played a favorite album/song over and over again. I wrote, settled into the discomfort and tried to assess why I was feeling so down.

What I gathered from this exercise? I need to tweak my systems. I need to continue my simplifying efforts. I need to look back a bit before forging forward.

I need to prioritize. (Only did about 1/2 of these.)

With a new decade here, I need to try fresh approaches. And so, for the month of January I chose a single word to guide me to a successful start:


With the exception of some great habits, I'm going to approach things like a scientist - with experimentation and progress in mind.

How are you approaching the new year? Any goals or resolutions you'd like to share? As a curious habit creature, I'd love to hear :) 


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