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Happy Monday! I'm back home from an extended family visit and excited to start some good habits now. Why wait for the new year? Right up on that list is getting back in my kitchen.  

Admittedly, I'm not our home's cook. Cafe Roundy (our tiny eat-in kitchen) is run by AB and I'm a happy sous. In our early days he won me over with delicious diner style meals after nights out and when I moved in I tested his tolerance - we'd sneak SATC breakfasts in on weekends before our roommates woke up. These days we separately share a jar of overnight oats most weekdays but our love of weekend brunches remains one of my favorite weekly 'traditions' with him. At night he's tortured by organic onions (oh my gosh do they burn!) and makes the most delicious meals just by magically spicing. I can follow a recipe and have a few signature meals nailed down but just right spicing is not a skill I possess. Then again I think the ideas you have about yourself can be oh so powerful and limiting. Lucky for both of us, autumn always gets me excited for a warm kitchen -  a soup to stir, a balm to melt for scratchy hands, cookies to get the oven going and help curb my waste/possible sugar addiction. This fall I'm hoping to grow out of this idea that I'm not a good cook, so without further ado a few recipes I'm hoping to try and a few I love and have been dying to share:

[ savory ] 

+ white bean soup. I added an extra carrot and celery stalk, subbed one can of beans with a potato and added most of our spice cabinet as per AB's suggestion. Topped it off with a sprinkle of cheese and pepper before eating, soooo good!

+ sweet potato bisque. AB informed me that 'bisque' usually implies a cream aspect, but as I learned from the previous recipe: white beans + potatoes = creamy goodness without my skin's nemesis (dairy) - yay. 

+ chickpea soup. I love chickpeas in anything (seriously I love adding it to pasta) and cant wait to try this delicious looking soup.

+ red lentil soup. So many lentil soups call for tomato paste or sauce, excited to try this simple but tasty looking version. The photo makes it look like it has quinoa but it doesn't and I like the idea of adding a cup or more for extra heartiness.  

+ carrot pesto. Really missing my fresh basil and pesto batches but this looks like a bright winter alternative. Also, I just bought some nutritional yeast for the first time and I'm excited to try it as a parm cheese substitute. 

+ chicken meatballs. I love the idea of making some meatballs this fall - these look amazing!

vegan pasta. I should not be eating tomatoes but the only thing more warming than a bowl of soup is a bowl of creamy pasta. 

broccoli rabe. We found some rabe once at our farmers market and I'd love to find some again, delicioso

dumplings. I've been wanting to make some from scratch and the dough in these seems simple enough.

[ sweet ]

+ fake Tate's. Said addiction, but fresh from my oven and without the waste.

+ apple pie oats. Overnight oats simplified my mornings years ago, but I'm truly excited for this treat version.  

+ vegan pancakes. I discovered these in the beginning of the pandemic and it was such a comforting ritual to spend long Sunday mornings flipping pancakes. I enjoy them with thawed frozen raspberries and sometimes bananas. (To be fair we cook these in butter so they're not technically vegan.) 

vegan banana bread. Like the previous recipe, this bread has been on repeat since I found it - the only thing slowing me down is banana ripeness. I always do less sugar than it calls for and per AB's request I top one half with some chocolate chips. I prefer it without so I top the other half with extra walnuts, you can never have enough walnuts in my opinion.  

+ I'm very much in denial that winter is here and totally surviving the temperature change on warm coffee. Looking forward to switching it up with hot chocolate, tea and these two options: earl grey latte and vegan chai (another version here).


What's cooking in your kitchen? Any recipes you've tried and loved this season?

PS. Some more tasty recipes here.


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