0067. { 2 for 2022 }


I'm so rested. It's a peculiar kind of rested where I'm freshly home from vacation - my LI isolation (lol). We slept, watched shows/movies, ate (mucho), watched salty water in the fog, waved and shouted to my quarantined mother, talked on the phone before midnight - together even while apart. Lived, it was the fittest ending for shit year numero dos ~ 2021!

Even so, it's tough to let go. Today I noticed that I've written '21' for four days now. I don't know about you but for me the transition is always like this, inadvertently I write the wrong year for days, sometimes longer. It's weird b/c I'm always jubilant for a new year - 12 whole months to fill with new dreams, goals, ideas. Or old ones, you know - important tasks ignored and forgotten. They are me and I am them. It's the reason I find myself struggling with my studio - the sheer volume of 'me' is real. My journals and papers - trash to anyone else but precious and invaluable to me, as I learned when my suitcase was stolen. My youthful ideas are brilliant and big, but require the equivalent commitment/energy. And despite this rested feeling...  


I'm so tired. It's a deep level exhaustion of the kind that can only be experienced in year 2021, year 2 of a global pandemic. When I think about the last two years it's a blur of worry, anger, despair. When I think of the year to come I can only hope it will be better. I know I have too many lists and plans so this year i'm trying something new(ish):

2 for 2022

1. rest

2. grow

(the first words that came to me)


As I finish day four of 2022 I know I can do both those things. The commitment simply in the writing, the effects already palpable. I rest, I grow, wake up, repeat, or the other way around I guess. Either way, simple and perfect for this year in time: 2022. Year 33 of mi vida, year 3 of covid and ... the rest we'll see. 

What's on your list for this new year?

PS. Love these new year feels.

(falls. 01.04.21 )


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