0007. to do (fall)

Even though I'm currently sweating (sunny walk near the equator, boy will I miss it), autumn things are on my mind - I'll be back in NY this weekend and will hopefully (pleaseee) still catch some colors.

Do you have a favorite season? I find it impossible to pick and instead enjoy each one for what it is and gives. Fall: colors, pleasant outdoors, pears, boots, cozy recipes, making, leaf crunching, planning...

These lists are usually generated well into each season but it's a great reminder of how I'd like this time to feel/go, especially right now that things are uncertain. I make sure to include big things to accomplish + prioritize and small things to do a lot of.

[ repeat ]
⭖ hikes
⭖ soccer
⭖ bake
⭖ campfires
⭖ stargaze
⭖ read outside
⭖ try new recipes

[ vip ]
⭖ vote!
⭖ canvass
⭖ learn to sew
⭖ food drive (host or help)
⭖ make christmas cards + gifts
⭖ prep dual citizenship application
⭖ consolidate shop ideas and get it started

[ do ]
⭖ family trip
⭖ observatory
⭖ apple picking
⭖ apple recipe
⭖ make cider
⭖ make lotion
⭖ make chai tea
⭖ natural dye experiment
⭖ make 2019 calendar

Do you make seasonal lists? What would you add?


  1. I don't have a favorite season but because winter is so long where I live (Montana) I certainly look forward to summer. Autumn is wonderful here too, but very short. We've already had cold temps and snow, but it's warmed back up again and it's so lovely.

    I love this idea of lists: I haven't made one for myself but I do make one for my preschool. Autumn's includes: picking plums and making plum jam, making cinnamon playdough, apple stamping, scooping out pumpkins and baking pumpkin bread, raking leaves, pressing leaves and hanging, using leaves to make impressions with block crayons, exploring autumn colors, learning about hibernation and hyperphagia (black bears overrun our community this time of year, eating apples before hibernation), making applesauce and applesauce bread, learning Halloween songs and fingerplays, Halloween dress ups, autumn and Halloween themed books. I especially love autumn crafts and colors and foods (apples and pumpkins and pears!!).

    On my to do list: sewing some pillow cases and a lap quilt and reading more books. I'm a list lover for sure!

    1. Oh, I love your preschool list - might add some of them to mine! Seasonal changes with kids is so much more acute/fun, I'm always trying to incorporate that playful, creative, temporal pause into my adult life. Pears are my favorite too! And I would love to know more about this bear invasion - so cool! Is it dangerous? Do you see bears every day during this time?


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