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Just popping in to share an old list that made me smile. How's your summer going? My summer list is coming soon, but I'll admit it's fun when a post is delayed because I'm actually doing the items on them. Soaking up every little second of this wonderful time of year.

I really love that most of my posts revolve around lists. I couldn't live without them and can't think of a time when they weren't a part of my life. I'm not sure when I wrote this one but I believe it happened in Thailand on the beach when it was time to come home. I was sad but when I reframed it by thinking about what I was hoping to accomplish I realized it was only the start of our adventures! Nothing beats finding the silver lining, it's something I notice is the make or break way to live life. When I focus on the positive rather than it's opposite, I'm happier, more creative and never feel the need to fill a void with consumerism. You can't control life but you can control your perspective. Here's the list: 

I'm happy to realize that I've prioritized and achieved these. It wasn't easy - as a planner, number one has always eluded me. But, once I broke it down into something less philosophical it became easier. To me, more than anything, being present means two things. Most importantly: slow down. Sometimes I'll catch myself rushing through silly tasks (like washing my face) and it's in these seemingly inconsequential moments that slowing down just does the trick. I feel my puffy cheeks, I'm grateful for a day spent outside, my vision and all the amazing moments I caught or experienced, just. every. little. thing. Thank you, universe.

The second part is to avoid multi-tasking. Many times I'll try to squeeze in another activity when something I'm not interested in is happening, but instead of finding myself in these situations I try to avoid them and focus on one thing at a time. Tiny tweaks that really make a difference. Whenever I need a reminder I'll write 'BP.' in a place where I can see it, reminders never hurt and now I'm on to some new goals...

What does being present mean to you? Any goals you've achieved this year? I'd love to know.   

PS. Can you believe we're halfway through 2019?


  1. Hi Steph! Honestly, being "present" is probably the hardest thing we all have to do. There are SO many distractions, mostly in the form of that phone that's always glued to so many of our hands (mine...ugh!). The comment about washing your face, it's so true. What if we took everyday little tasks and stopped and enjoyed them each for that they are. I mean...I pay big bucks for someone to wash my face at a day spa (well, I did...when I still went to day spas and let strangers full of germs touch my face haha). Yet I rush through it as a burden every night. Today, when I wash my face, I'm going to treat it like a ritual instead of a task! Ritual > task!

    1. Hi Arlyn! Yes, it is!! I'm constantly working on staying in the moment, especially when i'm too often trying to capture the best moments with a photo/my phone. lol not a fan of strangers touching me even pre-covid so my favorite ritual/spa indulgence is a nighttime, candlelit shower. ritual > task in the best way possible :)


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