0041. (7 days: making)

Two days until summer! But also, forty two days until we move!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

If I had to choose the one thing that I miss most about having my own space, I'd say room to make messes. It's in my blood - my mom is a seamstress/baker/creative genius and when she's working things get crazy, kind of like a tornado just rolled through - at least I know where I get it from. I'm sure there's a way to create things without making a mess but where's the fun in that? And what about the relaxation that comes from cleaning up? We so close! In the meantime I'm making less messy creations, which I will grant are just as fun.

Growing up I always admired my mom, her siblings and my grandparents, they're all makers and I was convinced I was missing the gene. Turns out, like them, I just had to find the need. Because while a commitment to not buying things is unnecessary, it certainly gets my creativity going. I'm constantly asking myself: how can I fix this 'need' without buying anything new? It is absolutely one of the simplest ways to be sustainable: avoid buying new things, use what you already have, upcycle - you get the idea.

And luckily, I've always had an inclination - or fascination - with salvaging and craft supplies so I am well-stocked. I'll be the first to admit though, having the supplies doesn't always mean I put the work in ... I can't tell you how many things I've had on my 'to make' list for years. Welp, that's exactly the point of this challenge.

7 days of    MAKING    

1) Calendar.
I'll be upstate through July which means I'll actually be able to hang and use this. While scrap paper is my go-to, I decided to dig into my precious supply of grids instead. What's your favorite kind of paper?

2) Oatmeal.
Overnight oats - so simple do they even count as making something? (Yup.) With canned coconut milk, bulk oats and spices - it's a low-waste, delicious, and easy breakfast for my work days.

3) Earbuds wrangler.
A puppy chewed through the strap of my friend's bag and of course I snagged the pieces that remained. With a borrowed hostage hole puncher it was a super simple solution to constantly tangled headphones. Also, it matches and fits in my kit!

4) 'Sketchbook.'
I found myself really wanting a sketchbook while in Ohio, luckily I always pack scrap paper. I folded some pages together, found a cereal box in the recycling, added some washi tape siding and my sketchbook need was filled. Once home I added string to keep the pages in place. I love it - it fits in my planning kit, is super light and thin and since I use scrap paper I can add lined, grid or plain pages as needed. Just about perfect!

5) Bin liner.
Newspaper gets some extended life and I help my in-laws use less plastic ... part of an upcoming post on kind ways to encourage your loved ones to make less waste.

6) Coffee scrub + cold brew.
Double boom. A delicious morning treat and an invigorating scrub to get my legs looking more human, less lizard. It's very messy but worth it. I used it on my face and I don't know if it's the placebo effect but my skin looks great! Mix 1/2 cup very fine coffee grinds with 1 - 2 tablespoons oil and you done! I used coconut but substitute as your skin desires (or with what you have on hand). You can also add sea salt, sugar and essential oils but I went with a basic base to test it out.

7) Earrings.
Fun/simple samples. Part of a thank you package for my dear amiga.

I love, love, love that a sustainable lifestyle gets my creativity going and helps me save along the way. Even though some of these aren't perfect, they're just right and ze best for my wallet and the planet.

I'd love to know - do you like making stuff? Any fun stuff you've made lately? I have lots more on my list so I'm hoping to repeat this challenge soon. 

PS. Other things to make.
PPS. Can you even believe that puff ball? Thank goodness for peonies and I wish I could send you the smell.


  1. Hi! I'm here from Reading My Tea Leaves! LOVE your idea on the bathroom garbage bag. I've been struggling with what to do with our bin, and now I have the answer! Thanks!

    1. Yay that makes me so happy and nooo problem! It's a great alternative and a fun, quick project. I've been on summer vacation but hope you return - there will be lots more making posts :)


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