0034. tps: make your own lip balm

I had grand plans to beautifully photograph the process but I also don't have my own kitchen! Alas, I melted some ingredients and waterfalls/nature are what drive me to make less waste with small steps like these anyway. 

Making my own products has been on my to do list forever. Chapstick is a big one - I use it everyday, have been hoarding containers for a while, and it was something I eagerly wanted to stop buying. I made a batch last year and it lasted about 7 months. If you feel intimidated ... don't! It's fun, easy and quick. I borrowed my friend's kitchen pre-bonfire and whipped it up in less than 30 minutes while hanging out.

Not so easy - choosing a recipe. I almost always experience decision paralysis when trying something new. There are so many recipes out there - which is the best for me? Luckily, Badger, one of my favorite chapsticks/brands shares their recipe online and I love it. It's less silky than others, but I find it really moisturizing which makes a tube last longer.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Recipe

+ 2 tablespoons evoo (6 parts)
+ 24 grams unrefined cocoa butter (6 parts)
+ 20 grams beeswax (5 parts)
+ 1 tablespoon castor oil (3 parts)

+ Melt beeswax on low heat in a glass measuring cup or double boiler (having a spout makes pouring easier if you don't have a tiny funnel).

+ Add olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil. Stir frequently until all ingredients are melted, no chunks.

+ Pour melted product into tubes or tins. Let sit until firm.

+ Once all the ingredients are melted you can add essential oil drops to get a nice fragrance, I love the smell of cocoa butter and beeswax so left this step out.
+ I use tubes but also fill a tin or jar - it does double duty as a salve and when you run out simply place the jar in a double boiler to melt and pour for easy refills.
+ On cleaning repurposed containers: Clean out any gunk with a rag and sanitize in boiling water. Fully dry off before placing new product.
+ I do believe you can change up the ingredients but I haven't tried because I have the ones listed. Possible switches: coconut instead of olive oil and candelilla wax to make it vegan.
+ The first time I made it I had my mom's digital scale so it was fairly precise. This time I winged it and ended up with a firmer product. Still works wonderfully but if you're in the same predicament, err on the side of a little less beeswax.
+ I filled about 7 tubes and a tin ... if you don't have as many containers try halving the recipe or make it with a group of friends - chapstick factory, woooo.

Have you made your own products before? Happy making!


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