0009. (7 days of)


Have you ever heard the phrase "you don't have time, you make time"? It's too true ... if there is something you love or want to do, schedule it and protect it with a vengeance.

There is nothing I love more than nature walks. Back in NY, I knew AB had planned a few hikes but we made it a point to go on one every day. Even when it was cold + dreary and hibernating sounded good too.

I've tried starting "challenges" like this before, but rarely got past day 1 - I wasn't setting myself up for success. This time I made sure to do so - part of it was already scheduled and I picked something we do most days anyway.

Can I make time for something 7 days straight? You bet.

(Or not consecutive - it's fun / your challenge, so do it your way!)

7 days of    HIKING   

1) Minnewaska State Park
2) Shindagin Hollow State Forest
3) Taughannock Falls
4) Treman State Park
5) Volandis
6) Sapsucker Woods
7) Watkins Glen State Park

1) Straight off an overnight flight AB took me in search of colors and we were very much rewarded.

2) Snow/back with the gang. We made a campfire to stay warm. Thanks, "fall"!

3) This will slowly seem like an ad for Ithaca.

4) A gorge straight out of a fairy tale.

5) Not a real place, that's just what we call our friend's land. Still counts + we got to be with this puppus.

6) So many crunchy leaves + pretty mushrooms.

7) We brought a picnic + walked under waterfalls. It was amazing.

I know I'm very lucky to live where I do, but you really can find nature anywhere. You just have to make the time to search.

Would you try one of these challenges? What would you fill in the blank with? I'm thinking my next one wont be so easy.


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