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How is Thanksgiving next week??

I can honestly say - I am not prepared. But, I just got to my mom's house on Long Island and I cannot wait to get in the kitchen with some new + old recipes:

+ Green bean casserole is the ultimate holiday food for me. My family had never had it before my stepdad made it for us some 10 years ago and boy were we missing out! I've swapped out cow's milk for almond milk with delicious results, now I want to try making french fried onions from scratch (also with almond milk - hopefully it works).

+ I love chickpeas. I've made this easy pasta with a few changes (kale instead of spinach + no cheese) and this looks deliciously warming + quick.

+ I'm intimidated and excited about making starter for sourdough. Any tips? Or alternate recipes? I could use all the help I can get.

+ Anything more delicious than brussels sprouts? I think they're great any way you make them, but the quinoa in this recipe makes them a little more filling. I add a hefty dose of whole grain mustard and am debating adding it to our Thanksgiving menu.

+ I've been on the lookout for a new soup. This stew looks tasty, filling and seasonally appropriate.

+ Still haven't made an apple recipe yet, they're just so tasty (and effortless) fresh. Apple rugelach sounds intriguing or I might just make a pie - haven't done that since culinary class in high school. Or just keep it simple/healthy with apples + cinnamon oatmeal - yum.

+ Chia pudding! These are beautiful and I think it would be a perfect light dessert option for Thanksgiving.

+ This gorgeous cookbook is divided so you can easily select recipes with produce that is in season. Some of them are posted on his website - this kale and mushroom lasagna sounds delicious.

This list could go on and on. What's your favorite recipe? 

PS. How crazy/pretty is that pumpkin?


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