0049. august favorites

As the foliage fades and the trees bare their scraggly limbs, my lush summer memories, all the fall perks and even the wintry snow falls are buoying me through the light change and this busy season. 

August was both magical and heartbreaking. I welcomed a beautiful niece and lost another. I couldn't honestly talk about this month without saying this and it is something I never realized was so common before this year - miscarriages. As many as 15% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage and despite the pain many avoid talking about such a horrible and distressing life event. I completely understand - I couldn’t even look at my baby niece without shedding tears and thinking about the grief my brother/our family was going through.

I rewrote these words in my journal because when things like this happen the best people to rely on are your loved ones. Despite our disagreements and history, I believe the love in my family will get us through anything and this loss will only foster our healing. Some physical places/things that helped:

Book: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. Forever on my 'to read' list, it was acquired from the library by AB while I was out of town and unknowingly exactly when I needed it. Even though I had to pause through the many hard to read parts it reinforced that the most comprehensive healing and strongest resilience comes from love. A multi-generational journey, it is a harrowing, truly human read. A history lesson you cannot ignore because the characters and the oppression they face is real. I cannot recommend it enough.

On repeat: ALL of ‘Lux Prima’ by Karen O / Danger Mouse, especially tracks #2 and #5.

Staring: So much to see! Hydrangeas, queen anne's lace, goldenrod, giant hibiscus, sunflowers and other rainbow colored blooms and creatures were a feast for my eyes!

Person: A certain monkey, forever. The years have flown by with you!

Find: A lamp in Jamaica Plain while visiting brother and sister in law to help baby prep. Despite only having a few days at our new home it is one thing we definitely noticed we needed.

Spotted: I'm going to deem this the 'heron summer’ because we've been sooo lucky in seeing them! Amongst geese post-picnic, at a Cape tidal pool, camouflaged in our backyard creek ... they are so cool.

Treats: Garden reaping, even though they weren't from my own. Lots of sweet bounties (I love you, chard), blueberries off the vine and squeezing tomatoes straight into the pan because they're so darn juicy! (Although, I probably should have been abstaining.)

Walk: 'Our backyard.' Seriously, this is a 5 minute walk away and a perfectly timed rainbow was exactly what we needed on a heavy cleaning/moving day.

Space: Our home! Piles and messes still abound, but it is perfectly located, moodily lit and a fun design exercise.

Trip: Seven years ago/after only a few months of dating, AB told me he loved me and asked me to be his girlfriend in Cape Cod and we’ve gone almost every year since. It is the most magical place and we’re so fortunate to have this sweet, blue friend as a host. Dunes, seal spotting, sparkly ocean waves, moon rises, rainy beach walks, tidal pools, mossy woods and more… to say I am lucky is an understatement.

Habit: Monthly mother/daughter beach time. Despite her proximity to the beach my mom rarely goes there (a very misadventurous beach trip years ago is no doubt to blame). It was nice to spend time together/help her get there and that despite it being her busiest work season she now has the time.

Hike: New to me places in our backyard nature preserve. And stacks to match the ones in my room :)

How're you doing? Any precious or painful memories from the month of August you'd like to share? I'm all ears. 

PS. This is technically a November favorite but I love everything about this album/cant wait to share: you ain't the problem
PPS.  MarchAprilMayJune, July. And summer kits if you're in sunnier climes. 


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