0044. June Favorites

For many reasons water was on my mind in the month of June. I was dying to go swimming and this desire evolved into an inner monologue regarding access, privilege, fortune ... so many thoughts, not enough eloquent words. My brain is a rollercoaster of crazy ideas, notions, and emotions and I'm grateful. It prompts action and reminds me every day of how stupidly lucky I am.

I started out the month in the most charming city, went home for a few days (with a NYC stop to see friends), and enjoyed a free concert which unfortunately ended in an injury. My month took a bit of a turn from there - it was entirely my fault, I couldn't play tennis, and I was in a fair amount of pain. Mood down I resourced to self-care: spent every possible second outside, went on plenty of walks and hikes, met our friends' baby (!!), and finished off with a beautiful, fun local wedding. Best of all: lots and lots of nature magic. Throughout my healing I felt so appreciative and charmed by life - it is truly a beautiful mess. How was your month?

Treat: Beach days. There were only two and while they were both wonderful my favorite was a picnic with my mom and sister. It was breezy enough to nap and it was so wonderful to spend a couple of hours just us.

Luxury: A bath. Just what I needed and extremely rejuvenating, but I also felt guilty. Billions of people still lack access to clean/drinking water and here I was wasting this precious resource. I've since donated to Water for People and will continue to do so as I'm able. If you know of specific organizations doing good work, please share.

Find: La Colombe's draft oat milk latte. On a rainy day in Chicago I bounced around from a little gallery to a googled 'fair trade coffee' shop and was blown away by the most amazing, creamiest, dairy-free coffee. They really won me over when I noticed free water taps (sparkling too!) - fair trade, environmentally conscious, and socially responsible? A place to happily spend my dollars.

Hike: Too many to list but I love the reminder that I still have new Ithaca places to explore. Cascadilla gorge closes in the winter/spring but we finally made it there and it was amazing. It started to rain and instead of rushing out, we watched the water swell and took some cover under trees. I felt so calm and peaceful and realized that I no longer hate rainy days ... I think I just hated getting splashed with dirty water, on dirty city streets.

Trip: Chicago. Seriously, the most charming city. AB had a belated brother 'bachelor party' and since we have a free place to stay and friends we don't get to see enough, our friend and I tagged along for the ride. We ate our weight in Lou Malnati's, walked all over and spent lots of time in the parks. Also, alone time! If you find yourself in town, check out the Chicago Athletic Association. They have charming, preserved details, a full-sized bocce court, and a roof with lake-views and a fire pit. As soon as we had recovered from the long journey with said pizza, we made our way there to catch up with friends.

Blooms: Peonies, rhododendrons and lilacs, oh my. Sensory overload in the best way possible. If you have some extra/spare time in Chicago check out the Northwestern campus. AB's family are all alums (his parents met there and so did his brother and wife) so after lunch in Andersonville the three of us went up there before his brother's flight. It is gorgeous: on the lake, with Gothic buildings and a sweet Shakespeare garden where the lilac smell was intoxicating.

Habit: Outdoor eating/planning at all times possible ... summer is only so long after all!

On repeat: Donna + Island + Que pretendes. These are all so different and I really love the lyrics. (Artists: Rubblebucket, Emilie Khan, J. Balvin/Bad Bunny.)

Sound: Frogs! I love picturing their chunky bodies hidden in the grass. Upon trying to figure out who was who I found this really fun, informative page. Bullfrogs are me favorite.

Nature joy: Sunset walks always, but also, fireflies!! 'Wow,' was a common refrain on our numerous late night walks. They're so magical and I was shocked to learn that for all it's amazing perks, northern California has none.

What's keeping you sane lately? 

PS. May, April, March. Time flies!


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