0003. (30 before 30)

AB: “What??! How can you even come up with 30 things?”

It was indeed harder than I thought, I didn’t, and I’m nowhere near done!

This list will evolve into “30 while 30” soon and I’m very much okay with that. Progress is better than nothing + it was more of a scavenger hunt than “do it or you’re a failure.” To me, lists are a helpful tool and a creative, fun outlet – never a binding contract.

On this one:

1) Make a 5 year plan
2) Learn to sew
3) Go on a horse ride
4) Complete an upcylce
5) Learn to play guitar
6) Go camping
7) Increase French fluency
8) Start blog
9) Take a yoga class
10) See a whale
11) Make sourdough
12) Take a folkloric dance class
13) Sell something I made
14) Travel around Ecuador w/Dad
15) See an elephant
16) Business plan
17) Beach every month
18) Host a fundraiser
19) MYO chapstick
20) Yearly yard sale

What would you add? Do you like making lists (especially fun, alliterated ones)?


  1. So much fun, I love lists too but have never made one like this
    I share some common goals, I want to make sourdough again, and sew more and increase my skills which are pretty limited.
    This year I've dramatically increased my daily yoga practice and that's been awesome. I make my own balm/salve but chapstick has been trickier- want to work on that too. It would be wonderful to refill all of my Burt's bees tins and throw less away.
    I haven't seen an elephant or whale this year, but have seen black bears and moose, which isn't all that exciting, but makes me really happy.
    Thanks for the inspiration to get busy 😊

    1. Moose and bears are so exciting!!
      If you've made salve - chapstick is the pretty similar and even easier if you don't plan to use the roll-up tubes (tougher to clean). Am hoping to write a post on that soon but in case circumstances get the best of me, this is the recipe I used:
      Thanks for you kind comments :)


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