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In the blink of an eye, March passed by. We started out in Ecuador and came back to NY not so excited ... travel year over, time for real life.

Of course, March surpassed my expectations. I found the exact opportunity I was looking for in a new to me field. We found a wonderful apartment and even enjoyed the process of searching (I miss you not NYC prices). And the best, most wonderful news of all - we're to welcome a niece this summer! All the party emojis!

I will admit, prior to all this excitement/good fortune I was feeling down. I was severely missing skirt weather and all the delicious, affordable produce, I knew I had to get into some good habits to reverse the blues. Some things that brought me joy:

Person: This birthday man. Can't wait to see him as a nuncle.

Activity: Daily walks. Crunchy, slippery snow. Long days, bright rays, and a sun you can actually feel - I love you, March. Even though it was cold I could feel spring in the air.

Book: This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga. I found it a little hard to get into at first but reading less to stretch it out by the end. Poignant, moving, disconcerting ... this book acutely describes the trials of a Zimbabwean woman struggling through the efforts of trying to survive, let alone thrive.

Show: Deadwood. Set in 1876 South Dakota this semi-historical series reads more like a play. It's hard to watch at times but that's the 19th century for you. I find the medical scenes fascinating and love that it includes the tribulations of immigrants, minorities and women.

Girl crush: Sandra Oh on SNL. Gosh, I love her. From her days on Grey's to Killing Eve, she's just wonderful. I can't remember the last time I watched SNL but on AB's birthday we stayed in with his parents and visiting brother and I'm so glad I caught this outfit. Barely noticeable plaid in an electric color ... perfect. Not pictured: mod, white booties which really rounded it out as the best outfit I've seen in a while.

Legislation: Statewide single use plastic ban! As a proud New Yorker I have to say ... what took so long?? It's a big step in a great direction but as always there is plenty left to do and change.

Habit: Journaling everyday. Let's just say on April 1st I noticed and seriously missed not doing it. Journaling has always been a way to relax for me. I like that there are no expectations or need to find the right words. I write what I did, special moments I want to remember and if all else fails just whatever flows out. After years and years, it still surprises me how much clearer my thoughts are when I consistently do this. Fun tracking diagrams never hurt.

Sound: Birdsongs + chirps ... the most welcome, magical uproar. Naming the ones I spot is a fun game too.

System: Setting a monthly priority. For March: taxes. I waited until the last day of the month but got it done. Nothing feels better than checking off a big to-do (or getting a refund).

Treat: Marinated artichokes. On sourdough with refried beans, spinach and a giant dollop of whole grain mustard. Also on salads, pasta or anything really.

What's inspiring you lately? Happy spring!


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