0040. May Favorites

The LIRR is packed which is the ultimate sign of summer - I’m on a train home and once I’m back in Ithaca I will have traveled about 3,000 miles. Quite honestly, I’m surprised I don’t have butt sores! We drove to Ohio, Chicago, NYC and now I'm on the East End for a few days hanging with my family. Grateful for so many things but especially for my employer - the fact that he is flexible means my yearly trips are still possible.

It’s been a wonderful month ... long creek hikes, relaxing, working outdoors, journaling on the porch, helping family out and most wonderfully: warmth, fog, rain, and sun. So happy it’s spring/summer! As I was journaling a few weeks ago I realized that I was feeling anxious about the upcoming warm weather - so much to do, so little time! Ultimately this is what I love about writing - had I not done so I would not have realized where this anxiety was coming from. Instead, I can acknowledge that it was silly and that all I have to do to enjoy these seasons and help time feel normal is be present - it was one of my retirement goals and I think I'm much better about it now than I was even a year ago. I'll be soaking up these seasons slowly, peacefully and happily. Some things that brought me joy:

Trip: Cedarhurst. AB’s grandparents built a cottage over a hundred years ago in the middle of nowhere Ohio (sorry, Washington Courthouse). It’s by a forest-y creek and is one of the most peaceful places to be. I love the history it holds and the family reunion it promotes - we drove with AB’s parents and brother and sister in law were able to join since they wont be able to later in the summer. A bunch of baby horses on the drive are just the cherry on top!

Habit: Monthly review. I didn’t get around to my April review until late May and it was tough to differentiate time/events. Completing it was a great reminder that reflection is integral to progress.

Activity: Mixing it up. A missing net means I haven’t played tennis in so long (actual time, a couple of weeks)! While it’s irritating that I’m rusty - we’ve gone on long hikes, played indoor and night bocce, soccer, basketball versus 12 year olds (the stamina!), and gone on lots of sunset walks instead. We did play a little in Chicago and AB volunteered to play with a 7 year old pro when his grandma approached us - watching was really fun and every time I see him playing with children I’m jolted with a giant little love surge - how did I get so lucky?

Find: One of Ohio’s secrets - incredible thrifting. The variety is insane (I never get to check it all out because it would take way too long) and the prices are so good! I’ve really been needing jeans since my faves were stolen and I found a buttery soft pair with giant pockets. Thank you AB for suggesting a thrifting moratorium until Ohio - worth the wait!

Blooms: Leaves! Everything is finally green again - it's amazing!

Hobby: Jewelry making. I got some pliers for Christmas and I’ve been working away at making myself and my ladies a bunch of stuff. My favorite - rings! My fingers are too small for most rings and I’ve been able to make delicate pieces I’ve always wanted but never found in my size. The ideas keep coming and I’m very excited to actually sell some items soon.

Book: Just Kids by Patti Smith. I love reading books set in old New York City. I don’t get a lot of the references so its been slow going but I’m all for that. Learning lots and always awed by creativity and the process.

Girl crush: Mi madre. I feel unbelievably fortunate to have a kind, creative, generous, smart, amazing mother … I know not everyone is so lucky. Her talent and drive inspire me to be a better woman/person everyday and spending some quality alone time with her over Mother’s Day weekend was a highlight of my month. I love you, Ma!

Sound: Water rushing. I got to work in a screened in porch that faced a waterfall and it got me thinking - why can’t all workspaces/rooms have this? Peaceful, meditative, and better than music when you need to concentrate/unwind.

System: Simplicity. With each trip my packing has gotten lighter and my shoulders are grateful. There is nothing I can’t make a little simpler and I’m excited to tackle some larger projects back home.

How was your month of May? 

PS. March and April favorites.


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