0036. April favorites

I'll never tire of saying it - time flies! Every month I’m left wondering: where did this month go??

Happily we are hurtling into my favorite time of year - spring/summer! Okay, I can't really say that because I love all times of year but spring and summer are pretty remarkable. And April ... after a long, grey winter nature comes alive in the most explosive way and so, at the risk of exaggerating, I’m going to say it’s one of the most beautiful months of the year. Ithaca was still chilly but we enjoyed plenty of long walks, warmth, sun and joy. A few of my favorites:

Trip: NYC. I love visiting our old home so when AB had to head down for a work meeting I tagged along to see magnolias and friends! We stayed in our old hood and it was like we never left. Park hanging/hopping, flower smelling, and long walks with plenty of time to indulge in all me favorite foods: ramen, bagels, and pizza - yum.

Habit: On Mondays we play tennis! I set a goal to play at least once a week and we’ve exceeded it. The weather’s made Mondays our go-to day and I love starting my week with this goal accomplished. It’s incredibly fun, challenging and I’m slowly improving. We walk to the community center down our hill and I love that it incorporates my other favorite habit/doesn't require driving as too many of our other activities do - never not thinking about my carbon footprint.

Activity: Bud searching. The trees blossomed with the most stunning flowers - seriously my favorite time of year! Between Central Park's Conservatory Garden, Brooklyn, and Ithaca's downtown, I made sure to seek out all these once-a-year beauties.

Find: Pink tennis balls on a curb in Brooklyn. I have to admit I look for reasons to go to Brooklyn just to check out curb finds. I left AB with the task of ordering some treats while I did a quick jaunt around the block and jubilantly found just what we needed for our new habit.

Hike: Buttermilk Falls. We pop in throughout the year a lot but since it’s a touristy spot we rarely walk up and I’d never done the full trail! So beautiful and the best free date from this past month.

Books: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Because even though I haven't read them in a while, after a disappointingly written final season … there's hope. (Pretty please, George.)

Girl crush: Nakia in Black Panther. I’m not an avid superhero movie-watcher … I’ll half-watch them if they’re on but this one really caught my attention and I happily didn’t multitask. Could Nakia be any cooler? And how refreshing is the cast/storyline/etc? She's gorgeous and her green outfits and jewelry are everything ... now how do I incorporate them into my wardrobe?

Treat: Sourdough. The most delicious daily reminder to get my starter welp … started.

Sound: Peepers! Enough said. (Or heard.)

System: Kits. Putting items I love but have forgotten to use and never having to look for things I constantly need ... yay for a win/win. Also, easy packing! 

I’d love to know - what’s inspiring you lately?

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