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Don't worry, I haven't time traveled or lost my mind - I'm very aware it's the last week of September and the official start of fall (yay). Upstate it's starting to look very much like it and I've been saying this out loud since yesterday - it feels so good to be home! I was still clutching onto summer and repeating/finishing items on this list but after hot days in Brooklyn I am thrilled to be home with zero travel plans on the horizon - so many projects, drafts and ideas I cannot wait to tackle.

Admittedly, I strongly considered skipping this post but realized I love writing these. It feels like a new iteration of my monthly review because it's almost like school break is engrained in me - every summer my journaling and tracking significantly dwindle. My planner has barely been used, my journaling has been on and off but I have a visual diary that is my photo log and it's wonderful - it's why I've always loved photography. Going through old photos (how I miss film) has to be one of my favorite activities! So, with reflection in mind - want to reminisce the height of summer with me?

Book: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It's been on my reading list for years and holy moly - run out and read it if you haven't! Extra grateful for a perfect creek/tree roots to read on, all the dragonfly distractions, my dorky but supportive water shoes (with socks), and these words: "I believe in love."

On repeat: 'Washing machine heart' by Mitski + 'After the disco' by Broken Bells (really, the entire namesake album)

Person: Birthday man. You give us a reason to slow down and get together every summer and no matter how old I get, you'll always be my sweet big brother.

Find: Summer yard sales how I love thee. On a fortuitous outing with my mom I found two items I've been searching for for years - a low-back, green one piece and a wooly, roomy cardigan with pockets! My wardrobe is ever so slowly coming together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Habit: Escaping the heat in my creek. We had so many creek days and they are seriously the best! The forest is significantly cooler and in between hanging on logs, cooling off in the water, skipping rocks (or just watching because it is not a skill I possess) ... staring at the water go over century old rock is something I could do alllll day.

Hobby: Haiku writing. I felt so inspired by summer nature and this was an easy way to delve into different kinds of writing (which I’ve been wanting to do).

Luxury: SWIMMING. Chlorine pools are not good for my skin and I'm so lucky that my mama lives on the East End. Many bay days we're enjoyed - solo, with siblings, with pups, mom and AB ... grateful isn't a strong enough word.

Treat: Local, plastic-free strawberries! Between trips I totally forgot to freeze some but I did eat as many as I could. The tastiest little treats and so happy fortunate they aren’t prohibitively expensive at our farmers market. 

Trip: Home. Thankfully I’ve always been able to spend a prolonged time home every summer (the perks of being an educator). It’s my family’s busiest time of year and I love cooking for them, helping out if needed and sneaking beach time in. In between I managed a crafty afternoon with my Mom, popped into Brooklyn to baby shower my SIL, and even got to have dinner with friends.

Sound: Salty water lapping ... I really need to make myself some audio bites!

Nature joy: Magical flies ... fireflies lit up our evenings for way longer than I remember them lasting and I cannot get over how amazingly cool, colorful, varied and weird dragonflies are!

I'd love to know - what was the highlight of your July?

PS. March, April, May, June.


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend July.. we found ourselves spending a few days upstate as well.


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