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CLOTHES. We all gotta wear them, but do you enjoy getting dressed every day? 

I love clothes - patterns, fabrics, styling - it's a way to say something without even speaking. 

Don't love - the fashion industry and its effect on our planet and its population. 

Not so long ago, I had lots of clothes. Some of it cheap, fast fashion that I bought when I wanted to dress nicely on a budget. Some I had bought on impulse and kept even though I never wore. In the process of simplifying I got rid of a lot of it, ended up with the bare bones, and have since been on the lookout for ways to improve.

Because wanting to protect the planet doesn't have to be limiting ... there are lots of brands out there doing good things: taking care of their employees + the planet and working hard to minimize their impact, all while making gorgeous, worthwhile investments that I would love to have in my closet.

I keep a "big purchases" fund in my bank account and was thinking of buying myself one of these pieces for my birthday. In the end, I decided against it. You see, I'm sure I would enjoy/wear those pants - oh, so much! And while it coincides with wanting to have less stuff that I truly love and of better quality, I have other priorities and the price point doesn't mesh with those, not now. 

Trash panda solution: secondhand shopping. 

I notice styles I like and look for them secondhand ... something similar or something that with some imagination, elbow grease and that soon to be real skill of sewing can be so much better than something new: an item that is unique and checks all the boxes. Does anyone else find the pockets on women's clothing frustrating? (Often too small or nonexistent.)

My favorite part? Secondhand is without a doubt the best option for our planet. No matter how much good companies are doing they are still using new resources. 

The other best part - the prices. This dress was a $3 find at Ohio Thrift. It's the perfect midnight blue, has the prettiest pattern, and once chopped will have some just-right pockets and extra fabric to boot. But, first, sewing lessons with my madre. 

What do you think - do you enjoy thrift shopping?


  1. I love thrift shopping, at least most of the time. Sometimes I find it overwhelming and overstimulating. But it's where I find 90% of my clothing, and preschool materials too. It's such a fun feeling when you find something fabulous for $2!!

    That blue dress is so pretty.

    Yes please to better pockets. I love overalls for the pockets (and comforts). Also, better pockets and more functional clothing for little girls please. I find it so frustrating that little girls get floof, no pockets, thin leggings and plain old stupid shoes while little books get SO MANY POCKETS, sturdy materials, pants with double knees and linings for winter and shoes that are meant for playing. Girls deserve this too. If I could I would make a kids clothing company (with good labor practices and sustainability) that made all of the above, in all the fun colors and prints, rainbows and unicorns and dinos, for all kids. Ok, rant over 😉

    1. oh yeah, it can definitely be overwhelming! i just treat it like a scavenger hunt - what little treasure will i find today?
      I'm so with you on the clothing for girls and I still feel like that as an adult! There's so much men's clothes out there that I would love if they made it in my size :)


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