0048. to do (fall)

Do you know what I'm really looking forward to this season?

Staying home! We moved in August and due to travel have been home a total of half of the months we've paid for. Oh well, I wouldn't change our summer for any amount of money and even though it's nowhere near decorated and storage solutions are still being worked on, I've been overwhelmingly happy to have my own space back. The rest will get there.

Back to autumn, I retract what I said about summer... with crunchy leaves afoot and rainbow hued leaves above, fall easily ties for first as my favorite season. It is such a wonderful time and truly feels like a sensory hug of love from earth before the early darkness of winter comes.

(Sidenote: Why is daylight savings still a thing?/John Oliver, have you been in my brain?)

I've been soaking up this delicious time with gusto. Layers, boots, tart and crunchy apples, gasp-inducing trees and hill views... there are too many reasons why fall is so magical and I can't believe we've made it full circle to a year! If you're reading - so glad to have you here.

[ repeat ]
⭖ hike
⭖ bake
⭖ fires
⭖ journal
⭖ picnics
⭖ stargaze
⭖ volunteer
⭖ birdwatch
⭖ sunset runs
read alouds
⭖ read outside
⭖ waterway cleans
⭖ morning stretches
⭖ go for a walk everyday

[ vip ]
⭖ vote!
⭖ fundraise
⭖ food drive
⭖ observatory
⭖ learn to sew!
⭖ indoor garden
⭖ launch my shop
⭖ doctor appointments
⭖ palindrome wedding?

[ plan ]
⭖ Thanksgiving
⭖ friend trips/visits
⭖ low-waste workshop(s)
⭖ sustainable business plan

[ do ]
⭖ send cards/snail mail
⭖ find vegan options for baking recipes
⭖ 7 days of upgrades/mending/making/experimenting

[ make ]
⭖ cards
⭖ gifts!
⭖ stock
⭖ soups!
⭖ playlists
⭖ humitas
⭖ bird feeder 
⭖ shrub syrup
⭖ mushroom gravy
⭖ 2020 planners and calendars

[ play ]
⭖ soccer
⭖ basketball
⭖ creek exploring
⭖ rock/tree climbing
⭖ tennis (at least 1x/week)

[ go ]
⭖ Home
⭖ Boston
⭖ camping
⭖ foliage tour
⭖ Makerspace open hours 
⭖ Local: Trumansburg/Aurora/Watkins Glen/Corning Museum of Glass

[ remember ]
⭖ BP.
⭖ scarf!
Just do it. 
⭖ binoculars
⭖ community coupons

[ watch ]
⭖ Barry
⭖ Life Itself
⭖ Booksmart
 Fleabag season 2 (!!!)
⭖ newAlways Sunny, Southpark, Rick and Morty (yay)

What's on your fall list?


  1. A great list. I watched Booksmart a week or two ago.. it was great.
    Watkins Glen is gorgeous unfortunately didn't have time for the glass museum but have heard great things about it.

    1. thank you! i'm excited for a cozy movie night yet i still haven't gotten to it orrrr the museum - these fall days fly by!

  2. I just read a bunch of your posts and love your calm and reflective style. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    1. thanks, hanusia! so happy to have you here :)


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