0043. to do (summer)

It's here!! The most magical time of year - farmers markets (and all the strawbs), fireflies, dragonflies, flowers, sun, swimming, meteor showers - so much magic, so little time ... somehow the first week of July is over and before I know it fall will be rolling around. I don't mind, I think part of the magic is that it only lasts a few months.

Can I tell you a secret? I used to hate summers. Ha. In high school and throughout college I was a nanny working 14 hour days and while I was outside a lot, it's quite different than enjoying it on your own, off the clock, slowly and without a bunch of tasks thrown at you all at once. Slowness is the name of the summer game. So are outdoor meals and night walks. What's your favorite part of summer?

[ repeat ]
⭖ swim!
⭖ hike
⭖ fires
⭖ journal
⭖ picnics
⭖ stargaze
⭖ volunteer
⭖ birdwatch
⭖ creek days
⭖ read outside
⭖ beach cleans
⭖ cold showers
⭖ outdoor meals
⭖ morning stretches
⭖ go for a walk everyday

[ vip ]
⭖ yard sale
⭖ fall garden
⭖ observatory
⭖ launch my shop
⭖ friend trips/visits

[ plan ]
⭖ fall trips
⭖ anniversary camping
⭖ low-waste workshop(s)
⭖ sustainable business plan
⭖ sustainable 'onesie station

[ do ]
⭖ freeze/preserve produce
⭖ 7 days of upgrades/mending/making

[ make ]
⭖ pesto
⭖ popsicles
⭖ shrub syrup
⭖ chive compound butter

[ play ]
⭖ soccer
⭖ archery
⭖ basketball
⭖ night bocce
⭖ tree climbing
⭖ tennis (at least 1x/week)

[ go ]
⭖ Home
⭖ Maine
⭖ Boston
⭖ Camping
⭖ Brooklyn
⭖ Cape Cod
⭖ Cedarhurst (AB's Ohio family cottage)
⭖ Local: Trumansburg/Aurora/Watkins Glen

[ remember ]
⭖ hat!
⭖ binoculars
⭖ ice cream coupons

Happy summer! What's on your list? 

PS. If you're in other parts of the world: seasons.


  1. I'm glad to know that you grow out of your hate for summers because I'm still at that stage and I'm hoping someday, I will grow out of hating it too. Maybe the only thing I like about it is having excuse to eat a lot of cold drinks and ice cream hehe.


    1. haha those are some of my favorite parts too! i think it shifted when i emphasized my preferences - i really love swimming but hate chlorine pools and the ocean is scary so ponds, creeks and bays are more my speed and bring me so much joy


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