0052. (12 days of christmas)

Somehow, it is December 15th! Christmas is only 10 days away! How did this happen??

On a quest to will time to slow down, I've compiled a list of ways to help me be less of a grinch.

I've never been a grinch, but this year I feel it. And it is not that I don't love being merry but at a certain point the excess and brushing under the rug has to stop?

How can we continue to indulge in an extremely wasteful, commercialized event when people around the world are still starving? How can I joyously buy my very fortunate and lovely niece gifts when she has so much already, and children around the world/on the border don't? How can we continue to be wasteful when the climate situation is so dire because of our humanly tendency to over-consume and show love with gifts? When did gifts/things become the best way of showing love?

I'm done and I am so inclined to say sorry, but I'm not. And I'm not a grinch either! These are just thoughts on my mind. Really, no judgement, just lots and lots of thoughts.

And so, in an effort to roll into 2020 with a semblance of slowness (and sustainable merriment), I started a 12 days of Christmas list which quickly evolved into my favorite year-end tradition...

20 before 2020

1. Thrift gifts!
2. Make gifts!
3. Raise funds
4. Waterfall runs
5. Digital cleanup
6. Scavenger hunt
7. Take AJ to lunch
8. Sign up for co-op
9. Make bird feeders
10. First quarter plan
11. Manicure / pedicure
12. Winter wardrobe check
13. Make calendars / planner
14. Complete health checkup
15. Lunch / movie / coffee date*
16. Money check / plan / donations
17. Watch: "Marriage Story" / "Booksmart"
18. Volunteer (finally set up for next week at my library, yay!)
19. Finish: "All you need is less" by MS / "Americanah" by CNA
20. AB + S list making: concerts we've gone to / favorite monthly memories of 2019

How are you getting merry / self-caring? Any fun traditions you have?

*We're in a time crunch to finish off some local coupons :)


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