0026. To Do (winter)

The days are short, the tree limbs are bare, there's a constant chill in the air ... winter.

I used to dread this season, and while there are certainly aspects that aren't my favorite, over the last few years it has really, really grown on me. I love the introspective mood it puts me in and the hibernation it encourages. It's the perfect time to catch up on shows and movies I've been wanting to watch, read, plan, dream, declutter, and stay home and make something. Especially a warm, tasty something that requires some extra oven heat - yes, please.

It's been a common theme as an 'adult' - when I appreciate something exactly for what it is the joy that comes is unsurpassable. Yes, winter is dark and freezing but then randomly (and very rarely) the sky is blue, the sun is out and I can actually feel it's warmth on my face, I can open my jacket and don't need a hat - those days are absolute magic. Unparalleled joy precisely because of their rarity. And don't get me started on snow, how can you not like snow?? Some upstaters complain about it and I truly don't understand - it would just be grey and dreary without it!

I'll only be here for half of winter - we're headed to Ecuador for the month of February with my family and I am soooo excited. We haven't all been together in years and this time it's for a happy occasion. Yay for weddings!

[ repeat ]
⭖ run
⭖ hike
⭖ bake
⭖ journal
⭖ stargaze
⭖ volunteer
⭖ beach cleans
⭖ try new recipes
⭖ morning stretches
⭖ go for a walk everyday

[ watch ]
⭖ roma
⭖ taboo
⭖ atlanta
⭖ killing eve
⭖ everything is copy
⭖ gloria: in her own words
⭖ finish 'insecure' season 3
⭖ resume anime marathon series
⭖ 'arrested development' season 5

[ vip ]
⭖ observatory
⭖ launch my shop
⭖ plan return to 'real life' (!)
⭖ sustainable business plan
⭖ host low-waste workshop(s)
⭖ prep dual citizenship application

[ do ]
⭖ make chai tea
⭖ make shampoo
⭖ learn 10 yoga poses
⭖ read + watch 'trainspotting'
⭖ make reusable cotton rounds
7 days of upgrades/mending/making

[ ecuador ]
⭖ volunteer
⭖ hacienda trip
⭖ waterfall trip
⭖ national park trip
⭖ folkloric dance class
⭖ make papaya face oil
⭖ terrace garden project
⭖ 'meet the artisan' series
⭖ family minga (a spanish word for a communal work effort)

How do you feel about winter? What's on your list?

PS. Some of these are things I didn't get around to this fall.


  1. That's an impressive list for a season, but then, I don't think I could forecast that far ahead. Maybe I should - stop me watching so much meh Netflix cause I'm bored But then what would i do with my time??

    1. anything and everything! i admit it's a crazy list but I like to aspire and if I don't do it, it's okay, no beating myself up, just figuring out why it didn't work and maybe carrying it over to the next season.


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