0058. [ 01.21.21 ]

I woke up today and did what I usually do when I want to delay getting out of bed but still feel 'productive' - skimmed my morning news email. As I read through Biden's plans and executive orders I realized the weight of the anvil that the Trump presidency has been. It was gone and I felt so light. No longer would I have to dread reading about the horrible things he'd done. No longer would I have to laugh cackle at his absurdity to counter my deep disturbance and despair. No longer would I have to hear his despicable lies repeated -with caution- but repeated nonetheless because he was the president. 

I'm not expecting the new administration to fix everything. And Biden wasn't my first choice by a long shot. All I know is that no longer will we have a maniac leading our nation during a few of the worst crises in decades. Most notably, from yesterday forward, little BIPOC and immigrant children will look at the White House and see someone who looks like them, and their mothers, sisters and aunties. If you're not a POC you might not understand how powerful that is. As someone who wasted years wishing I was anyone but myself I can tell you - it matters. I didn't realize how heartbreakingly much until I witnessed the female students at my school categorizing and arguing about who had the lightest skin color.  

Two days in my heart still does a little surprised jump when I hear the words 'President Biden'. Not a new hope, but at least a very new beginning and the promise of what that can be. May we only keep rising


( hermanas. january 2020. there's the cuddliest, sandy pup hiding in this shot - just another sister. really missing 'home' and salty waves during these grey days. )


  1. I wanted to stop by to say hello. I found your from your comment via the blog Arlyn Says. If you're still in Ithaca, I live part time near you... Victor, NY which is fairly close to Canandaigua Lake. We retired a few years ago and we spend winters in FL. I've enjoyed reading several of your blog post and I now have the desire to buy a Turkish towel which is something totally new to me but they sound wonderful. Any way, just saying hi and letting you know I'm enjoying reading your past posts.

    1. Hi Emie! What a coincidence/ isn't upstate ny wonderful? I have several turkish towels and will never tire of recommending them - in the winter they're my preferred scarves :) A very sincere welcome and thank you for saying hello! I'm sooo very glad you're enjoying the archives


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