0011. moon rocks

Oct 29 - Nov 02. How is it November already?? Along with all the positives, fall also gives me a sense of urgency - only two months left until a new year!

Also urgent - it's the last weekend before the election. Some links to help you get ready:

+ Get familiar with your ballot

+ Our home is worth fighting for. Regardless of party affiliation, candidates who consistently side against the environment can be found here.

+ Where do i vote

Get out the vote

Most importantly, talk to people or volunteer. It's not about party affiliation - it's about human affiliation, find the candidate that best supports our human values and is willing to make the changes.

+ Above: Family time/crazy idea that kind of worked. (Vampire elephant or just elephant?)

+ Colors: Wardrobe + craft inspiration.

+ Space. This tree right outside our temporary bedroom window + the visiting birds (lots of robins, 1 pileated + 2 downy woodpeckers)!

+ Music: The Far Field by Future Islands (especially tracks 6 + 7).

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Election day! I hope we see a major shift towards candidates who value the environment today. 🤞


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