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0014. My essential travel items

I've always loved planes - the bird's eye view, the perceived proximity to the stars, sun + moon, the excitement of going somewhere far.

I know it's pretty terrible for the environment and that is one of the reasons I wont be flying before the new year. (Also, priorities.) Nonetheless, lots of people voyage for the holidays, so I thought I'd share my essential low waste travel items.

I was thrilled when I realized that I'd made no waste at all on my last plane trip. Unfortunately, can't say the same for my seat neighbor. He asked for a soda that he took one sip of before falling asleep (naturally) and spilling it. All over me. It was upsetting. Mostly for the waste, but also because I was shocked out of sleep and quite literally drenched.

Thankfully, I had my turkish towel - it is one of the items I can't travel without. I'd been wearing it as a scarf to hold my neck up while sleeping, I used it to dry my pants + sleeves and hung it on the seat in fron…

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