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0055. september favorites

Oh hey! It's just me and my very delayed record keeping...

I always get reflective when the year ends and a new one begins. For better or worse the end of 2019 was ridden with anxiety and disquieting emotions and I'm realizing now it would have been very helpful to finish my monthly reviews. They've been sitting in my drafts long enough and while unseasonable - I truly treasure writing these.

As I worked to remember what September felt like, my memory was dominated by the corporeal bad. Thankfully my planner, photo log and journal told the real story. Memory, you're a terribly unreliable source because there was so much joy! For me, when I don't reflect it's easy to forget.

It's weird to think how my summers have changed since quitting my beloved job. Mainly, September has become so summer like - it's so much warmer (hello, climate change) and I don't have to go back to work which means one more month of vacation. This year, I needed it. It's u…

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