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0044. June Favorites

For many reasons water was on my mind in the month of June. I was dying to go swimming and this desire evolved into an inner monologue regarding access, privilege, fortune ... so many thoughts, not enough eloquent words. My brain is a rollercoaster of crazy ideas, notions, and emotions and I'm grateful. It prompts action and reminds me every day of how lucky I am.

I started out the month in the most charming city, went home for a few days (with a NYC stop to see friends), and enjoyed a free concert which unfortunately ended in an injury. My month took a bit of a turn from there - it was entirely my fault, I couldn't play tennis, and I was in a fair amount of pain. Mood down I resourced to self-care: spent every possible second outside, went on plenty of walks and hikes, met our friends' baby (!!), and finished off with a beautiful, fun local wedding. Best of all: lots and lots of nature magic. Throughout my healing I felt so appreciative and charmed by life - it is truly …

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