0006. Moon rocks

Oct 08 - 14. Finding time to write was not possible, but it was more than made up for with family time, walks, a sunny pool day and other types of productivity. How was your week?

I have a few more days left in Ecuador and while I'm sad to be going I'm excited to be reunited with the sweetest + very expectant AB.

+ Above. Pigeons favorite spot. (And the fact that there's always a playful munchkin around ready to send them flying. This time with the tiniest puppy - my heart!)

+ River walk. With a dad + a brother on a cloudy but wonderful birthday. 

+ Words. "What really matters?" (The perfect question for guiding my day, year ... life.)

+ Album. Just Give In / Never Going Home. (For holding onto summer + an aptly timed title.)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. What really matters?
    Yesterday I listened to the podcast Only a Game, to an interview with American soccer goal keeper super star Briana Scurry. She said it's not winning all of her world cup and Olympic medals that give her the greatest sense of accomplishment, but when little girls come up to get her autograph and say, my mom thinks you're awesome! She knows she (and her teammates) inspired an entire generation of American women to be strong and fearless. What really matters? To live a life that matters to someone else, to know someone else's life is better because of you. In our success driven capitalist society, so many are longing to live a life that will matter.


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