0024. moon rocks

Dec 10 - 15. We had a long travel day getting back to Long Island yesterday, alas we made it. Family, making, learning, baking, beach cleans - all of me favorite things are on the agenda. This week was maybe not the most productive, but it was pretty magical - we saw a tiny screech owl on the road on our way home one night and a bald eagle flew over us while hanging outside Thursday. It's the second time I've seen one this year, in the same place, with the same people - magic/luck! Their size and majestic-ness is extraordinary. I also finally saw the moon and stars again (it's been sooo cloudy)! How was your week?

+ Above: Melting shapes in water (more magic).
+ Color: Blue skies (so very rare these days).
+ Place: Eagle sighting land/hey sun, thanks for showing ya face.
+ Words: Consume less. (A note to myself in one of my old journals/a perfect anchor when starting out on a low waste lifestyle.)
+ Music: Specifically, Love Dog.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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