0022. Moon rocks

Dec 03 - 07. Oops, I started typing November because despite all the holiday cheer it's hard to believe it's actually December! It's weird how days and time work. When I was working I knew what day it was because it was such a big part of my routine. Now, I can barely keep days straight - this week felt extra off because we got back from Boston late Monday. Anyways ... slow down time! I'm trying to find the balance between getting things done and enjoying all the little things before the new year sneaks up on me. Winter is in full swing here (where are you sun), so it's the perfect time to do so. How are you slowing down for the holidays?

+ Above: Advent activities (first time at First Dam).

+ Place: Woods. All day every day (or while we have light).

+ Art: Ancient hieroglyphics (at the Boston MFA).

+ Words: Fret less & live more (via the awesome Alexandra Franzen).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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