0017. double duty

I've always lived by some sort of waterbody and I have to say - lucky me. Thank you, mom + dad!

Probably for that reason, there's nothing more calming than the sight + sound of water. A rushing river, rolling ocean waves, gentle bay or lake ripples, creeks, waterfalls - any day, anytime, yes, please.

Not so relaxing .... the sight of trash on the nearby sand: so many tiny plastic bits, straws, caps, styrofoam, plastic nets, cigarette butts, flossers (?!). Gross/why/the list goes on. Anytime I see these harmful pieces it inflames my resolve and motivation to say no to plastic.

While some of it comes from the ocean itself, the fact that some people think it's okay to not put their garbage in a bin is very upsetting. But, I can stay angry or I can do something about it. If I want to see change I have to say something - with my words + actions. I have no shame in kindly but firmly asking people to pick up the trash they've tossed if I happen to see it and while I normally wouldn't encourage multitasking, this is one situation where there is lots to gain.

+ Take a walk with a loved one (or more) and pick up trash together. Proactive steps, exercise, quality outdoor time - everybody wins.

+ No need to make new waste to pick up waste. That yellow sack was a dog food bag that is not recyclable - now, it's my new garbage bag. Already used a few times over, it's sturdy, compact and out of the landfill - wooo.

I make time for this whether I'm home or traveling, anywhere I see trash where it doesn't belong. It's not fun because it's preventable, but I enjoy it for what it is - time outside + a walk in a beautiful place. My anger eases with each step I take and piece I pick up. My brain clears with the sound of the water and ideas flow for how we can amend this problem.

I want healthy waterways forever + ever and until we have a better solution, it's a tiny thing I can do to bring about a better future for our oceans, wildlife + humans.

So, my very kind + friendly reminder- get outside with someone you love and if you see trash at a waterway please grab it up, don't let it go back in nature where beautiful, innocent wildlife will be harmed by it.

Just imagine the impact if we all made some time for this.

I'd love to know - what's your favorite waterbody?

PS. Because they are such big parts of me, some of mine are: Flushing Bay, Rio Tomebamba, Gardiners Bay/Atlantic Ocean, Susquehanna River, Hudson River, Six Mile Creek/Cayuga Lake.


  1. Yep! Be the solution. If we all tidy up, everywhere we go, think how much cleaner, and lovelier, the whole world. That yeah on the ground, that you didn't leave, it IS yours to pick up the moment you see it.


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