0016. moon rocks

Nov 10 - 16. We had a frigid but beautiful family reunion upstate. My mom, brother, uncle, aunt + cousin came to Ithaca and we braved the cold for a quick trip to Buffalo too. It was wonderful - walks, rainbows, ice crystals, a fireworks show, sun + waterfalls ... the surge at Niagara Falls never ceases to amaze me. My aunt was giddy getting to experience snow for the first time, they met AB's parents, and we got to take them to some of our favorite places. Despite the cold my mom warmed up to the idea of moving here. (I can dream!)

We're halfway through the month and I'm feeling antsy - I'll be maximizing time with AB before he heads back to be with his family, but after that I have to bunker down and get organized because there's a lot I want to accomplish. GSD. (Get shiz done.)

+ Above. Fall rainbows. (See you next year.)

+ Space. Actual rainbows at Niagara Falls (helping us all ignore the wind blasts).

+ Art. Cool figure by Ji Yong-Ho. (Made from recycled tires!)

+ Pups. This sweet lady + her younger best friend are so sweet together. (He was off being mischievous/chased by his owner).

+ Person. My sweet, beautiful madre (always).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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