0008. Moon rocks

Oct 15 - 19. Sometimes something wonderful doesn't end how you'd expect it ... doesn't mean you give up, doesn't mean you stop trying, just give yourself time and approach it in a new way. What do you think?

I'm signing off next week to adjust to being back in the US and enjoy time with AB. But, also, to take some time to write, rather than feeling the pressure to churn something out - writing about Thailand is tough!

+ Above. Mountain cloud shadows are always my favorite (bye, Andes).

+ Family time. Seldom easy, always worthwhile. (Thanks for a wonderful day trip, hermano.)

+ Walks. Especially dusky ones (with day moons + pink clouds). 

+ Breakfast. 
Almost always meatless (not always this bright/delicious). 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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